Oxford University Water Polo Club

Play Water Polo at Oxford

We are lucky in Oxford to have a state of the art pool to train in. The Rosenblatt pool has a lowerable floor to accommodate double-deep water polo, this makes us much envied by the majority of other universities who usually play in rented public pools which are often shallow ended.

Training times

We get plenty of pool time due to the University owning its own pool.
We have 4 full pool sessions which are shared between the men's and women's teams.

Monday 9-10.30 pm Mixed session
Tuesday 5-6 pm Women's swim session
Tuesday 6-7 pm Men's swim session
Wednesday 9-10.30 pm Women's Full Pool
Friday 9-10.30 pm Men's Full Pool
Saturday 10am-11am Women's Gym session (Linacre college gym)
Saturday 11pm-12pm Mens's Gym session (Linacre college gym)
Sunday 6-7.30pm Mixed and Men's development squad session