Papers from the School of Preaching Consultation with Langham Preaching Trainers

1. Laying the Foundation what are the theological convictions which must shape a course in homiletics? Conrad Mbewe (Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia) Leonid Mikhovich (Minsk Theological Seminary, Belarus)

2. Imitating a Model what can a course in homiletics learn from the book of Acts? Chris Chia (Adam Rd Pres. Church; Singapore Bible College) Paul Windsor (Langham Preaching)

3. Finding a Home how can homiletics become a central and integrating part of the curriculum? Titus Kivunzi (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology) Paulson Pulikottil (Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India) Francisco Beltrán (Alliance Theological Seminary, Lima, Peru)

4. Building the Curriculum what is essential in the content to be included in a course in homiletics? Suzanne Marsha Sang (Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Jamaica) Ramesh Khatry (Association for Theological Education in Nepal)

5. Assessing the Learning how do we measure a student’s progress towards excellence in preaching? Tan Jin Huat (Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Malaysia)

6. Developing the Partnership how can the ‘college’ and the ‘church’ work together in training preachers? Melchor Go (Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines) Devender Verma (Delhi Bible Fellowship; School of Biblical Teaching, India)

7. Finding the Pathways how do we create opportunities for doctoral study in homiletics? Steve Hardy & Ian Shaw (Langham Scholars)

8. Engaging the Context when we move beyond ‘western’ approaches, what challenges do we face? Tony Lim (Malaysia Bible Seminary, Klang, Malaysia) Manuel Reaño (Biblical Seminary of Medellin, Colombia) and Suzanne Sang, Leonid Mikhovich, Titus Kivunzi

9. Accessing the Resources how can the diverse range of resources be used to assist in teaching homiletics? Mark Meynell (All Souls Langham Place; Langham Preaching)

10. Establishing a ‘School of Preaching’ how can the college best serve the local church in the area of preaching? Simon Vibert (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, UK) David Cook (Sydney Missionary & Bible College, Australia)