Spritual Formation
The School of Preaching is part of Wycliffe Hall Oxford. Wycliffe Hall is a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford. We have a diverse student body of roughly 110 Full Time students, many of whom are training for Ordination in the Church of England. The student body is made up of those who are undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Set up in 1877, we are governed by a Trust Deed which with a distinctively evangelical and ministry focused agenda  more  Studying at Wycliffe Hall.pdf

Academic Learning
Academic Study We teach traditional theological and biblical studies which are examined with the rigour you would expect of the University of Oxford (see our course contents). All Tutors are also committed to the ministry of God's Church.   more ...

Practical Training
Christian Ministry We consider our main ministry goals to be summarised in the acronym LEAP: Leadership Evangelism and Church growth Apologetics Preaching Please consult the Wycliffe Hall website for more information about the activities of the Hall, also training preachers in a theological college.  see also Wycliffe Hall Newsletter SOP 02_11.pdf