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Articles and book chapters:
  • Berglund Prytz, Ylva. 2009. Text analysis by computer: using free online resources to explore academic writing. Writing & Pedagogy Vol. 1(2):279-302 (further information)
  • Berglund Prytz, Ylva. 2008. Studera språket med hjälp av en korpus. In Rickard Domeij (ed.) Tekniken bakom språket. Språkrådets skrifter 9. Nordstedts Akademiska Förlag. 207-238. (further information)
  • Berglund Prytz, Ylva. 2007. Why Is It Full of Funny Characters? Converting the BNC into XML. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English 1. (available online)
  • Berglund, Ylva and Christopher Williams. 2007. The semantic ambiguities of going to: distribution patterns in four subcorpora of the BNC. In Roberta Facchinetti (ed). Corpus Linguistics 25 Years on. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 2007: 107-121
  • Berglund Prytz, Ylva. 2006. Levande språk - korpusar och språkutbildning. In Patrik Svensson (ed). Från vision till praktik: Språkutbildning och informationsteknik. Nätuniversitetet: Härnösand.
  • Berglund, Ylva and Angela Chambers. 2004. Trends in corpora in language learning: EUROCALL 2004. Tel & CAL: Zeitschrift für neue Lernkulturen 04/04:81-82
  • Berglund, Ylva, Sabine Braun and Angela Chambers. 2004 Report on EUROCALL Special Interest Groups. EUROCALL Newsletter No 6 2004. (available online)
  • Berglund, Ylva and Oliver Mason. 2003. But this formula doesn't mean anything! In A. Wilson, P. Rayson, T. McEnery (eds) Corpus Linguistics by the Lune: a festschrift for Geoffrey Leech. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 2003. English literature on the net. English Review 14(2):28–31
  • Berglund, Ylva, Rowan Wildon and Martin Wynne. 2003. Virtual Corpora at the Oxford Text Archive. Conference publication: Corpus Linguistics 2003, Lancaster, England.
  • Berglund, Ylva, and Oliver Mason. 2002. The Influence of External Factors on Learner Performance. In B. Kettemann and G. Marko (eds) Teaching and learning by doing corpus analysis. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi.
  • Axelsson, Margareta Westergren and Ylva Berglund. 2002. The Uppsala Student English Corpus (USE): a multi-faceted resource for research and course development. In Lars Borin (ed.) Parallel corpora, parallel worlds. Amsterdam: Rodopi.
  • Mason, Oliver and Ylva Berglund. 2002 Low-level parameters reflecting the naturalness of texts. Proceedings of JADT2002, 6th International Conference on Textual Data Statistical Analysis, Saint Malo, March 13-15 2002. Vol.2, p.507-516.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 2000. Gonna and going to in the spoken component of the British National Corpus. In C. Mair and M. Hundt (eds) Corpus linguistics and linguistic theory. International conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora, Amsterdam: Rodopi.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 2000. "You're gonna, you're not going to": A corpus-based study of colligation and collocation patterns of the (BE) going to construction in Present-day spoken British English. In B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk and P. J. Melia (eds). PALC'99: Practical Applications in language corpora. Papers from the International Conference at the University of Lódz, 15–18 April 1999. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 2000. Utilising Present-day English corpora: A case study concerning expressions of future. ICAME Journal 24:25–63 http://helmer.aksis.uib.no/icame/ij24/berglund.pdf.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 1999. Exploiting a large spoken corpus: An end-user's way to the BNC. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 4(1):29–52.
  • Berglund, Ylva. 1999. Conference report (by invitation) The 19th ICAME Conference in Newcastle, Northern Ireland (20-24 May 1998). ICAME Journal 23:169-172, 1999.
  • Berglund, Ylva and Arnold, Doug. 1998. WWW Access to Corpora: a tool for teaching and learning about corpora. Pre-conference publication TALC98. Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford. 1998
  • Berglund, Ylva. 1997. Future in Present-day English: Corpus-based evidence on the rivalry of expressions. ICAME Journal 21:7–20 http://helmer.aksis.uib.no/icame/ij21/berglund.pdf.
Project reports:
  • Berglund, Ylva, Alan Morrison, Rowan Wilson, and Martin Wynne. (2003), An Investigation into Free eBooks, Final report. JISC E-books Working Group. http://www.ahds.ac.uk/litlangling/ebooks/
  • Arnold, Douglas, Bas Aarts, Ylva Berglund, Justin Buckley, Gerald Nelson, and Martin Rondell. (1999). Corpora and Grammars on the Web: The W3Corpora-IGE Project. Final Report JTAP-2/247. JISC Technology Applications Programme.

Online and electronic resources:

Abstracts of books and articles
  • in ICAME Journal and International Journal of Corpus Linguistics.
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