Molly Rea

Personal photo - Molly Rea

Molly Rea

Ph.D. Student
University of Nottingham
University Park

Doctoral Training Programme


Wearable Magnetoencephalography (MEG) using Optically-Pumped Magnetometers (OPMs) - The focus of my Ph.D. project is to expand the range of motion possible when scanning using a wearable OPM-MEG system, to access novel experimental paradigms and enable scanning of participant cohorts ill-suited for study using cryogenic MEG systems


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Gillian Roberts, Niall Holmes, Nicholas Alexander, et. al. Towards OPM-MEG in a virtual reality environment, NeuroImage, 199, 2019


MSc Physics First Class (Hons) - University of Nottingham 2014-2018


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - I am passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM, and was an EDI representative for the ONBI DTC programme from 2019-2021. In this role I was actively involved in establishing networks for Women, LGBT+, BAME and Disabled members of the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham to connect and share their experiences

Music - I enjoy playing the piano, and currently play the clarinet as a member of the University of Nottingham's BlowSoc Concert Band

Molly wearing the OPM-MEG system