Registered Charity No. 309689


This fund, established in memory of A. C. Irvine
 of Merton College, who lost his life during the
1924 Everest Expedition, is administered
by a Committee of Trustees
under the authority
of the Charity Commissioners.

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Grants are made to assist junior members of the University to take holidays in the mountains either in Britain or abroad. Activities such as the following come within the scope of the Fund: mountaineering, exploration, hill walking and caving. Cycling and Orienteering holidays are not usually judged by the Trustees to be within the spirit of the Trust Deed, nor are commercial treks on recognised trekking routes.

Candidates are asked to complete an application form, to attach as detailed a plan of the proposed holiday as possible, together with an estimate of the cost, and to include a letter of recommendation from his/her tutor or senior member of his/her college.   The plans should be concise, well-prepared and well-thought-out.   Applicants are advised to check maps, guidebooks and other sources before submitting applications.   It may be useful to consult the Oxford Mountaineering Library, in the Social Science Library and there are maps in the Bodleian Library.   Applications will not be considered from expeditions or individuals whose serious aims would justify applications for the support of scientific or archaeological research.   The Trustees may make small grants towards the cost of experiments in the techniques of mountaineering or exploration.   Candidates who wish to take holidays together may make a joint application, but each candidate must fill in an application form and must obtain a recommendation as stated above.  The decision to make a grant, and the amount awarded, will depend significantly on the type of holiday in the mountains, the quality of the written application, the case made for a grant, and on the overall cost. Environmental impact will also be considered. For instance travelling a long distance by air in order to spend a few days in the mountains will be looked upon less favourably than travelling a shorter distance by train for a longer stay in the mountains.   All applicants must plan to be available for interview on Saturday of 6th week of Trinity Term to present their holiday plans to the Trustees, although some grants may be made without interview.   Candidates will be e-mailed the previous Thursday to let them know whether or not they are being called for interview, and, if so, where and at what time it will take place.  It is the responsibility of candidates to make sure that they check their e-mail for this information.   If the date for the interview clashes with a University Examination, this should be mentioned on the application, and the Trustees may allocate an alternative time.   Successful candidates must send a short report of their holiday to Alicia Black, c/o Dr T. Povey, Secretary of the Irvine Travel Fund, University College, High Street, Oxford OX1 4BH before 1st November in the Michaelmas Term following the holiday.  The Jeremy Naish prize will be awarded to the author(s) of the best report submitted, and the 2006 and 2007 prize-winning reports are available online.

The Trustees will not make a grant to any candidate whom they consider is planning an expedition which is beyond his/her competence. However, the planning and execution of any expedition and the avoidance of hazards on the expedition are the sole responsibility of the candidate and grants are only made on this condition.

Printable versions of the Application form and Associated details for this year's application are available.  Completed forms should be sent to Alicia Black, c/o Dr T. Povey, Secretary of the Irvine Travel Fund, University College, High Street, Oxford OX1 4BH.   The deadline for the receipt of applications is 3.00p.m. on Thursday of 4th week of Trinity Term.   Enquiries can be sent to

       Tom Povey - Honorary Secretary, A.C. Irvine Travel Fund