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[ What does the second half of the 20th century – your century – mean to you? ]
[ Do the landscapes of the very recent past - the 1950s or the 1990s - 'matter'? ]
[ How does archaeology contribute to our understanding of the later 20th century? ]
Change and Creation is a major new national English Heritage programme that aims to begin a process of characterising, understanding and managing the archaeology of later 20th century landscape (1950-2000), assessing the processes of change and creation in our urban and rural landscapes. These pages introduce the programme and invite your contributions.

You can read:

- a summary of the programme and its background. More,,,

- the Change and Creation discussion document developed by English Heritage, Atkins Heritage, Bristol University and University College, London. More...

And you are invited to:

- contribute your thoughts about the remains of the later 20th century, or suggest how you or your organisation might get involved with the programme More...

- explore the links to other projects engaging with the archaeology of the very recent past. More...

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