SPARC QBO Workshop
The QBO and its Global Influence - Past, Present and Future

26-30 September 2016, Oxford, United Kingdom

** Registration Deadline: May 31, 2016; Abstract Decision: 7 June, 2016 **


Clicking on the Google map below will open a page locating the sub-department of Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics (AOPP) and options for checking convenient travel links (air, bus, rail etc.)  Panning around the nearby area and zooming in and out can be done within the frame. The Workshop will be held in the Dobson room of AOPP.

Additional information about how to get to Oxford and the Department of Physics can be found here.

Some travel-support available for Early Career scientists has been kindly provided by WCRP-SPARC. Please use the contact link to notify the meeting organisers if you would like to be considered for support.