This is the Matrix Society run by students at Oxford University. The aim is to promote the use of the Matrix Messaging service within the University.

Get Started

There is already an official Oxford University Matrix Server running, hosted by the computer science department. This is thanks to the amazing work of Nick Hu. The server is administered and was set up by Nick Hu around September 2020. Anyone with a valid SSO login can join.

Laptop/Desktop Browser

Follow the link and you will be automatically logged in. chat.cs.ox.ac.uk

This is the Element Web instance run by the computer science department.


Connect via Element Mobile app. Downloads for: Android (Google Play) iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android (F-Driod)
Once you have downloaded the client, you will have to set the homeserver as 'https://matrix.cs.ox.ac.uk'. After that you should be redirected to SSO login.

Desktop App

Again the Element app.

Downloads for: Windows macOS Linux
Once again use the homeserver 'https://matrix.cs.ox.ac.uk'. After which you should be redirected to SSO login.

Other Clients

Due to the wonderful nature of Matrix, there are of course many other clients that you can use with the server. You can find a full list at https://matrix.org/docs/projects/clients-matrix. Some of these will however not be compatible with the SSO login process.

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open-source, modern, decentralised messaging protocol. Check out the Matrix foundation website at https://matrix.org.

Why Matrix?

This section is basically copied work for word from https://doc.matrix.tu-dresden.de/en/why/.

There are many services and programs for instant electronic communication. Matrix was chosen because it has the following characteristics:

  • Open standard (no technical dead end)
  • Communication protocol for federated real-time communication (no isolated solution but like e-mail with worldwide connectivity)
  • Differentiated communication possible (1:1, multiple teams, topic-specific)
  • Decentralized, persistent and interoperable communication (no central control instances, connectable with other protocols and tools)
  • Data protection: end-to-end encryption standard in 1:1 conversations and (group) rooms, can be switched off in the latter
  • Web application + desktop client + mobile apps available
    • The contacts on your own cell phone are not automatically passed on to third parties (no address book upload)
  • Connection to existing authentication systems (e.g. SSO oxford)
  • Existing successful security audit
  • Autonomy and control: locally installable (server location Computer Science Department)
  • Recognize the presence status
  • Active further development
  • Up-and-coming use by other scientific institutions (e.g. lots of universities)

Further informationen: https://matrix.org/faq/#intro

Detailed explanation of technical terms: https://matrix.org/faq/#definitions

Institutions of higher education (e.g. universities) with a Matrix service:

Who uses Matrix?

Matrix has around 30M global users. It has been the go to choice for the French, German and American governments in modernising their communications.

Check out some case studies at https://element.io/case-studies.

A fair few Universities have also adapted it as their communication method of choice. Our ultimate aim is to achieve this in Oxford. Check out TU-Dresdens marvellous website detailing why matrix is such a good idea for University communication, https://doc.matrix.tu-dresden.de/en/.

Our Plan

We will continually strive to promote the use of Matrix by Students and Clubs. However we also hope to get an official Oxford University server running at something like matrix.ox.ac.uk. The role of the society in that would of course be raising awareness of Matrix and persuading the University to do this. After this we would continue to encourage the use of Matrix while providing guidance and support to users.


President, Tobias Bretschneider: contact me on Matrix of course :) Matrix (@tobias.bretschneider:cs.ox.ac.uk) , or just email me (tobias.bretschneider@maths.ox.ac.uk)

Vice-President, Luke Hayward: contact me on Matrix of course :) Matrix (@lukeed25:matrix.org) , or just email me (luke.hayward@bras.ox.ac.uk)

Treasurer, Aditya Gaurav: contact me on Matrix of course :) Matrix (@ady_g:matrix.org) , or just email me (aditya.gaurav@balliol.ox.ac.uk)

Secretary, Segen Tecle: contact me on Matrix of course :) Matrix (@segen:matrix.org) , or just email me (segen.tecle@balliol.ox.ac.uk)

To view the full list of people in our unofficial space, go to here.