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I am a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Brasenose College, Oxford and a Lecturer (CUF) in the Faculty of Philosophy.

My research interests are in the philosophy of physics (especially quantum mechanics and quantum information theory), philosophy of science and philosophy of mind and language.

Prior to arriving at Brasenose, I was a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Division of History and Philosophy of Science at Leeds.
Before that, I read Physics and Philosophy at The Queen's College, Oxford; and studied for the BPhil and DPhil there.

Me and Hume

Me and David Hume (High Street, Edinburgh).



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Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

My work on quantum information theory will be appearing as a monograph with OUP in 2008. My DPhil thesis of this title is available from quant-ph/0412063.

Contact Details:
Dr C.G. Timpson,
Brasenose College,


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