Committee for 2020-2021

The committee for 2020-2021 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

Past Committees

PRESIDENT - Eddy Yeo (president AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Edwina Yeo

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Club, acting as chairman at meetings, and directing the Club's Committee. Together with the Secretary, the President does the bulk of the day-to-day tasks such as answering letters and emails, and representing OUMC at Sports Federation meetings. The President also produces an annual report for the Sports Federation and membership.

Eddy is a keen dabbler in all different kinds of climbing. Originally a pure boulderer and sport climber she has recently discovered the exciting terror of trad and winter climbing. This is joyous position but she now regrets not having more storage space or a bottomless gear fund. Meanwhile she is doing a PhD in maths and loves the occasions when conferences align with mountains.

SECRETARY - Amri Shakir (secretary AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Amri Shakir

The Secretary works alongside the President and is responsible for correspondence, BMC membership issues, and maintaining minutes of Club meetings

Pre-lockdown, real-trad-dad, Amri would tell you that if you haven't visited the miracle that is Stanage, you're missing out ... on like all the climbing in England. But, as it turns out, three months of lockdown, and a single day on the South Coast, is all that's needed to completely change his mind. Post-lockdown Amri is now under the (correct) impression that sport climbing is 'pretty banging' after all. Amri's self-professed secretarial skills amount to 'writing an email once?' but, far more impressively, he's responsible for Keble's climbing team. If you're in need of a new belay-buddy, give Amri a shout, he's set to be studying here way longer than the rest of us.

TREASURER - Maisie Vollans (treasurer AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Maisie Vollans

The Treasurer is responsible for the Club's finances - a job not to be taken lightly! As well as issuing payment for climbing and social events, it is the Treasurer's job to ensure that everyone pays their debts to the Club, and also to collect annual membership fees. At the end of the year, the Treasurer submits the Club's accounts to the Sports Federation.

Maisie is a first year PhD student in Disease Ecology. Her main focus is in indoor climbing; she almost haunts Brooke's climbing wall! She's only been outdoor climbing a few times, so is really keen to get some more experience. Maisie rarely has two feet on the ground - when not climbing, she pole dances with OU Pole Soc. One of Maisie's key goals for the year ahead is to encourage people, especially those from underrepresented groups, to try climbing, and make them feel welcome in the OUMC community.

MEETS SECRETARIES - Kodi Beveridge-Smith (meets AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Meets Secs are responsible for organizing and running the climbing meets, including booking minibuses and accommodation, and submitting attendance lists to the Sports Federation. Meets Secs will usually require plenty of experience of Club meets, but don't necessarily have to attend all the trips.

Kodi Beveridge-Smith

As a Brummie, two things stick out about Kodi. His awful accent, and the fact he's a climber from one of the flattest places in the UK. Still, that didn't stop him following the club to Wales, Lakes and as far as Morocco. Mostly favouring mountaineering, using climbing walls as a place to make friends and distract much better climbers from their training. Kodi's mountaineering special skill is to get someone else to lead an amazing climb, and ask in his charming brummie way, if they'll then haul him up it! All in a days work.

Meets Secretary Wanted

The club is currently looking for a second Meets Secretary - if you would like to volunteer to enable new climbers to try out the sport, please get in touch!

INDOOR CLIMBING CAPTAINS (female/non-binary and male/non-binary) - Emmie Hine and Nadav Gropper (indoor DOT captain AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Indoor Climbing Captain runs the club's regular training sessions, and organises the competitions that the club attends.

Emmie Hine

After a year in Oxford as an exchange student, Emmie knew she had to come back for the OUMC. She is a Masters student in Social Science of the Internet and the inventor of the famous Emmie Core (TM). She is an experienced competition climber, and coached the Williams college team throughout her undergrad.

Other than climbing Emmie loves to bake, and is the better half of the breaking.cake duo. She says that if she could be any animal she would probably be an albino squirrel.

Nadav Gropper

Nadav is a PhD student in Number Theory, but you'll probably find him laboring over a bake (as the more neglectful half of @breaking.cake) rather than maths. His main focus is competitive climbing; he was on the Israeli national team and has participated in several international competitions. Although he has been climbing since he was 7, the amount of times he climbed outdoors can probably be counted on one hand, but a few OUMC members swear that he lead in Wales once. He's working to make the climbing team even stronger, get Blues, and help OUMC win as many comps as possible - especially against Cambridge.

GEAR SECRETARIES - Joe Kingdon and Hannah Morris (gear AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Gear Secs look after the Club's stock of equipment, including ropes, rock shoes, harness, and winter gear (this usually takes up all the space under your bed). They are also responsible for ensuring the kit gets up to Brookes every week, and that it is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition. If they're lucky (and the Treasurer allows) they may get to purchase shiny new gear.

Joe Kingdon

Joe is what you would call an extreme climber. He likes pushing himself to his absolute limits and beyond, and has completed six mountain marathons, overnight, during winter. Statzerhorn in the Swiss Alps, Observatory Ridge on Ben Nevis and Aonach Eagach Ridge are just a few of his best climbs and Joe is always looking to go further. This summer he climbed his first E1 trad. If not in the mountains, he's up a wall attempting stupid dynos and campusing V4s. With all this experience, he has excellent knowledge of gear and has some exciting new plans for the club. His big muscly shoulders also make him great for carting all this equipment around.

Hannah Morris

Only really finding climbing for the first time when starting University, Hannah is a 2nd Year English Student, and has thrown herself fully into this newfound passion. Hannah climbs with confidence and a good dose of blind optimism, and on her first ever meet somehow managed a grade 2 winter climb with 2 left crampons!! Never one to be thwarted by a challenge, her first indoor lead was a fairly punchy overhanging 6b+... When not climbing, Hannah can be found gracing the Bullingdon dancefloor with some awesome moves, and somehow still manages to look healthy the next day!

COURSES SECRETARY - George Atkinson (courses AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
George Atkinson

The Courses Secretary is responsible for organising the training courses that the club offers throughout the year - including ropework, first aid, and advanced climbing skills training.

George is a climbing jack-of-all-trades. He came to the club as a mountaineer but has become an avid trad and sport climber. He even trains for bouldering - and indoor bouldering at that! When not knee-deep in snow or halfway up a crag, he can be found trying to convince climbing gyms to let him dry-tool with his ice axes. George does his best to ensure that everyone knows he is the youngest Brit to have climbed Everest and has admitted to using this successfully in drunken courtship. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

SOCIAL SECRETARIES - Sophie Brookes and Jessy Phillips (socials AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Social Secs are responsible for making sure we all have a good time. Apparently this involves booking venues, and generally organizing parties in and around Oxford...

Sophie Brookes

Sophie, a second year Brasenose Classicist, is an epitome of "psyche". If you thought she was psyched before lockdown when she spent all of her free time pulling on grotty crimps at Brookes and religiously attending Blockfest, wait to see her doing a muscle up on rings at her DIY home woodie. Her place in the club has been safely secured by organising a bulk order of branded Patagonia fleeces which has made the OUMC look a bit more hip than usual. Now, she will aim to do the same when throwing some social events (whatever that means in 2020).

At the moment, Jessy is writing up her DPhil thesis on penguins and other seabirds. She started climbing when she joined OUMC a year ago, and since then has enjoyed many climbing trips in England and Wales, particularly when the sun's out and when she has chocolate in her pockets. She loves being in wild places, and occasionally indulges in wildlife photography. She also enjoys good food, and since lockdown, watercoloring and needle felting.

LIBRARIANS and OMJ EDITORS - Ike Miller and Barbora Sojkova (journal AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Librarians and Journal Editors spend most of they year collecting articles, quotes, and reports for the annual Oxford Mountaineering Journal, and then two frantic months putting it all together and getting it printed. They are also responsible for arranging journal exchanges with other mountaineering clubs, as well as selling advertising space.

They also look after the Oxford Mountaineering Library, and are responsible for the general maintenance of the collection as well as any new purchases.

Ike Miller

Ike is one of the newer members to the club, having recently changed from his career teaching high school students, for the pristine white tower of academic research into Balkan and Russian history and politics. In his first year, Ike has been an avid fan for outdoor climbing, whether that be heading way up north to make use of the last of winter snows or clambering over the bouldering fields of Portland. Wherever Ike goes, so does his camera. If you ever want an artsy climbing profile picture, Ike is your man. Not only has Ike shown ample enthusiasm, he has proven himself to be a connoisseur of the art of suffering though his commitment to attending many of the wettest club trips. Then again, how bad can traipsing through slush in the Lake District be compared to chasing up teenagers for their maths homework.

Barbora Sojkova

Barbora provides diversity to the committee as a humanities studying, Central European, ex-punk, nun on the run who speaks at least 8 languages - most of them dead. She spends most of her time convincing you that the trad in the Czech Republic is amazing and 'totally safe' even if you can't place any gear...

WEBMASTER - Jola Mirecka (webmaster AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Jola Mirecka

The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of this website and organising the stash.

Full of controversial opinions such as "climbing is training for alpinism". Spent her childhood hopping around High Tatras. Having joined OUMC at the start of her PhD she has discovered the joy of 'trad' and British climbing ethics (in endless beverage-spiced GA arguments). With no particular talent, car or gear but only sheer enthusiasm, she spends ~70% of her weekends outdoors - PhD on the other hand... Can be found on a morning Brookes session or in North Wales seconding a big multi-pitch (because leading is hard...).

WELFARE REPRESENTATIVES - Sam Johansen and Annie Obernoster (welfare AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The welfare representative's role is to ensure that members of the club have someone to turn to in confidence for matters ranging from anxiety and health (mental or physical) to anonymous feedback on the club or its members. They can be contacted directly by email or social media, or anonymously via a form (found on the website). They serve the individual first, and act as an interface with the committee.

Sam Johansen

Sam loves slabs, and rates bouldering above everything else except wild swimming. He is always keen to do anything that allows him to get outside and running, walking, climbing or swimming through the landscape. His love of the outdoors led him to do an undergrad in archaeology, so he is one of those rare climbers that hasn't given themselves over to science. Instead he now works digging holes and wandering around the Chilterns.

Annie Obernoster

Annie, a first year Human Scientist, has a passion for all things nature and adventure but a poorly developed sense of fear, which means she has a lot of near-death-experience-stories to tell, from getting lost in a snowstorm in the Andes to almost ending up as wild boars' midnight snack. However, no one has ever seen her lose her stoic calm, unwavering optimism and sheer enthusiasm. Unsuspecting, Annie started her climbing career at a memorable freshers day at Brookes, and after discovering outdoor climbing has been unofficially diagnosed to be addicted. She also has a particular soft spot for wild swimming at sunrise, climbing trees and foraging - at some point she will perhaps try to convince you about the health benefits and incredible taste of nettles and dandelions.