Becoming a member of OUMC is easy!

  1. Fill out the online membership form to apply for membership.
  2. Pay your membership fee (see below) by bank transfer immediately, instructions will display once you've submitted your form (contact the treasurer for more details).
  3. Your membership will NOT BE VALID (i.e. you will not be insured) until you have received a confirmation email.

Annual membership

Valid until 1st October. Must be renewed at the beginning of Michaelmas term to continue membership.

Current club membership fees for those joining in Michaelmas term (October-December):

  • Students - £30
  • Non-students (including university staff) - £35

Membership fees for those joining after Michaelmas term (January-September):

  • Students - £25
  • Non-students (including university staff) - £30

Term membership

What if you want to enjoy all the benefits of being an OUMC member, but are only in Oxford for a single term, or aren't sure if you want to commit to annual membership? The term membership option allows you to become a full member until the end of the current term for only £10.

You can only be a term member once. When your term membership expires, you will have to upgrade to annual membership if you still wish to be a member of the club during that academic year. Upgrading to annual membership costs £20, and membership after upgrading lasts until the start of the next academic year.

Life membership

If you have paid annual membership to OUMC four times (not necessarily in consecutive years) you automatically become an OUMC life member. Life members continue to receive all the benefits of OUMC membership indefinitely, but no longer have to pay membership fees.

Life members who wish to attend OUMC meets (making use of club transport or climbing with club members) will be asked to pay a charge of £15 for students or £18 for non-students. This is paid to the BMC for insurance purposes, and covers the same period as annual membership.

What Next?

Keep yourself up to date with upcoming club events and get involved!

  • Subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to and following the instructions in the response.
  • Check the Termcard
  • Come to Brookes on a Monday or Tuesday, or the pub on a Wednesday