Mountaineering Trip Funding

Climbing and mountaineering, especially abroad, can be somewhat costly. Fortunately, there exist sources of funding to help you get your ideas going.

The A. C. Irvine Fund

A.C Irvine Fund Website

All junior members* of the University are eligible. Grants tends to be of the order of hundreds of pounds, especially for joint (group) applications.

The deadline for applications is usually around 4th week of Trinity Term; see the above links for more information.

All applicants will be required for interview.

*A junior member is a matriculated member of a College or Hall who is reading and registered for a recognised degree, diploma or certificate.

College Grants

Many colleges have their own travel or adventurous expedition grants. Naturally, these are only offered to the members of those colleges, but checking with the bursary or college lodge should help for finding out more information.

Conville Courses

Although they do not fund expeditions, the Conville Trust provides subsidised alpine mountaineering courses for young climbers (age 18-30). Alpine climbing can be an extremely intimidating prospect to the uninitiated, and these courses are well known for providing a solid grounding in the basic skills and techniques you'll need.