Associated Clubs

There are a few other Oxford University clubs where climbers might like-minded people, with similar interests at heart. We have done joint socials and even joint meets with some of our associated clubs. See below for more details of each.

Oxford University Cave Club

Maybe you've been in a show cave. Beyond this lies the real cave... dark and mysterious, with formations far surpassing anything the tourists see... where a river twists through sculpted rock walls to plummet down a noisy waterfall. It's hill-walking with a lid on, rock-scrambling in the dark, and exploration thrown in for good measure.

You don't need to be super-fit to start caving. You just need a bit of curiosity and someone experienced to go with. After a few trips with OUCC, you'll be able to go to some of the weirdest, most spectacular and remote places in Britain.

Oxford University Exploration Club

The Oxford University Exploration Club (OUEC) exists to help improve knowledge of our world through overseas exploration by members of Oxford University. We aim to inspire, encourage and assist exploration in all its manifestations. It's something we've been doing for 85 years, making us the oldest such club in the world. To this day the Club's members lead expeditions that push back the boundaries of our knowledge about the world around us. Our members have now travelled to virtually every region of the world - yet there is still much to discover!

Oxford University Walkers Club

The Oxford University Walking Club runs day walks and weekend trips to a variety of destinations throughout terms and vacations. These vary from mountains (Snowdonia, Scotland), through hills (Peak District, Breacon Beacons) to coastal trips (Cornwall, Pembrokeshire).

Our "Local Walks" (public transport day- and half-day walks) are open to non-members, require no sign up and are free for anyone. They are a great way to get away from Oxford for a day and explore some areas of countryside you may not have seen before. There are always some club "veterans" on these, so they are also a great place to find out about the club and our weekend trips.