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K.E. Bradbury, W. Guo, B.J. Cairns, M.E.G. Armstrong, T.J. Key (2017). Association between physical activity and body fat percentage, with adjustment for BMI: a large cross-sectional analysis of UK Biobank. BMJ Open 7:e011843. [Full text]
B.J. Cairns, S. Coffey, R.C. Travis, B. Prendergast, J. Green, J.C. Engert, M. Lathrop, G. Thanassoulis, R. Clarke (2017). A replicated, genome-wide significant association of aortic stenosis with a genetic variant for lipoprotein(a): Meta-analysis of published and novel data. Circulation 135:1181-1183. [Full text]
S. Coffey, A.R. Harper, B.J. Cairns, I.S.D. Roberts, B.D. Prendergast (2017). Clinical information has low sensitivity for postmortem diagnosis of heart valve disease. Heart (online first). [Full text]
Full publications listed on my research page.

Welcome. I am a statistical epidemiologist in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford, working primarily on the Million Women Study.

Research interests. Most of my current research focuses on cardiovascular epidemiology, in particular risk factors and genetic markers for aortic valve stenosis. My "interests" page has further details and information about my earlier work in mathematical biology.

Publications. A list of publications can be found on my research pages.

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