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Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

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Malagasy Language and Linguistics

This is a site dedicated to Malagasy language and linguistics. It provides discussions of problems arising in phonology, morphology and syntax/semantics in this particular language. Some references to already published literature may be made, but most importantly straightforward descriptions of specific areas of the grammar and potential solutions will be offered with the aim of giving a helping hand to those interested in Malagasy language and linguistics.

The results offered here represent ongoing research conducted by the author and are amenable to change as our knowledge of the phenomenon grows firmer. Relevant documents will be presented under three broad categories:

Phonetics/phonology and morphology

Syntax and semantics


Last but not least, while the author will strive to respond electronically to requests, it may not prove possible to reply immediately and to all queries.

Charles Randriamasimanana, PhD in Linguistics (Malagasy, Austronesian)

charles.randriamasimanana at ling-phil.ox.ac.uk (please replace 'at' with @)

Centre for Linguistics and Philology
Walton Street, Oxford

Note: As Malagasy presents phonemic stress, it is crucial to view documents under Unicode UTF-8.