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A Hypertextual History of Humanities Computing

Michael Fraser, CTI Textual Studies, University of Oxford

The contents of this site are derived from a hypertalk delivered at the Computers and Teaching in the Humanities conference, Royal Holloway 1995.

This is an ongoing project. At present only in its infancy but, with the type of collaboration which underlies the best in humanities computing, this resource should expand and become a sort of hypertext museum and exhibition. To this end I am inviting individuals who were involved in some form of humanities computing in the period 1945-1980 to send me accounts of their experiences. Anecdotes from 'behind the scenes', images, archived materials, etc, are more than welcome. At present the following sections are available:

The first attempts at building a skeleton...

This document created: 4 February 1996
This document last revised: 4 February 1996
Author: Michael Fraser
The URL of this document is http://info.ox.ac.uk/ctitext/history/index.html