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Description: Abbreviationes, the first electronic dictionary of medieval Latin abbreviations, aims to help scholars in transcribing medieval Latin manuscripts. It consists of a database (Main Dictionary) and a database application (Abbreviationes) which provides the facilities for creating and accessing disk-based databases. In its current release the database contains nearly 50,000 entries. Many scholars are already adding to this corpus of abbreviations, thus continually improving and enhancing the contents of the corpus. Searching can be carried out by abbreviation and keyword, and fuzzy matching is also possible. Updates and enhancements are released twice a year. A Windows version of Abbreviationes for Windows 95 and Windows NT is under development.

Requirements: Macintosh running System 7.0 or higher. Abbreviationes will also run on all DOS and Windows systems by using a Macintosh emulator, Executor 2 from ARDI (Abacus Research and Development, Inc.). A trial version can be downloaded from ARDI's web site at http://www.ardi.com.

Further information: from the Abbreviationes web page at http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/philosophy/projects/abbrev.htm

Distributor: Hans Deraeve, Brepols Publishers, Steenweg op Tielen 68, B-2300 Turnhout (Belgium), Tel: +32 14 40 25 00. Fax: +32 14 42 89 19.

Price: DM 498. Executor 2 (for non-Macintosh systems): $149 (with educational discount).

Version available at CTI Centre: Abbreviationes 1.4

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