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Alvey Natural Language Tools

Description: The Alvey Natural Language Tools include a morphological analyser, parsers, and a grammar and lexicon. The tools are usable individually or together, in an integrated grammar development environment. Together they form a complete system for the morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis of a considerable subset of English. The morphological analyser provides a set of mechanisms for the analysis of complex word forms; there are two alternative parsers; a wide-coverage syntactic and semantic grammar of English; a lexicon with 63000 entries in total. The Grammar Development Environment gives access to all components of the tools, allowing grammars to be input, edited, browsed, and compiled.

Requirements: PC running DOS 3.0 or above.

Further information: from the project's web pages at http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/NL/anlt.html. All files are available for download, but those containing grammars, lexicons and source code are encrypted and can only be used after payment.

Distributor: Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd., 20 Trumpington St., Cambridge, CB2 1QA, UK. Fax: 01223 332797.

Price: 500 ECUs (research purposes).

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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