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Arden Shakespeare CD-ROM

Description: This CD-ROM contains the Arden 2 critical edition of Shakespeare. The core texts (plays, poems and sonnets) are supplemented by reference and supporting materials. Included on the CD-ROM are: facsmile images of every page of the first Folios and appropriate early Quarto texts; original illustrations from all the texts; Bullough, Narrative and Dramatic Sources of Shakespeare; an extensive bibliography of 4,600 works; works on the grammar and language of Shakespeare; introductions, notes, and variants from the printed Arden editions; and a fact table on each play.

Folios and Quartos can be shown alongside the modern critical edition. The DynaText software permits the searching of the texts in a variety of ways (using boolean operators, search by specific plays/sections, stage directions, glossary, commentaries, etc.).

Requirements: PC running MS-Windows 3.1 or higher with 16MB RAM, and CD-ROM drive. Apple Macintosh version in preparation.

Further information: Reviewed in Computers & Texts 15 (August 1997): 17-19. Thomas Nelson have a WWW page at http://www.thomson.com/thomasnelson/arden/ardencd.html

Distributor: The Arden Shakespeare, Nelson House, Mayfield Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 5PL. Tel: 01932 252 211. Fax: 01932 246 109. Email: nelinfo@nelson.co.uk

Price: £2,500 +VAT (includes network licence). A demonstration version is available for evaluation.

Version available at CTI Centre:Demonstration version.

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