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Description: ATLAS/ti facilitates the selecting, coding, and annotating of text, graphical, and audio segments. Like many qualitative data analysis packages ATLAS/ti encourages 'theory building'. The package permits the construction of a graphical network of selected passages, showing concepts and theories based on visible relations.

Reports from the 'hermeneutic units' may be generated in HTML and for importing into statistics applications.

Requirements: PC with at least 8MB RAM and 11MB free hard disk space running Windows 95 or 3.11. A soundcard is required to work with audio files.

Further information: There is an ATLAS/ti WWW site at http://www.atlasti.de/ from which a demo version can be downloaded.

Distributor: Scientific Software Development, c/o Thomas Muhr, Trautenaustr. 12, 10717 Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 30 861 14 15. Fax: +40 30 86 42 03 80. Email: sales@atlasti.de.

Price: DM 590 for single-used educational licence. Networking prices are available from the distributor.

Version available at CTI Centre:Demonstration

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