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Blood Cinema CD-ROM

Description: The Blood Cinema CD-ROM, produced by Professor of Critical Studies Marsha Kinder, is primarily intended for use as an accompaniment to her critique of Spanish film, 'Blood Cinema: The Reconstruction of National Identity in Spain'. The CD-ROM brings together excerpts from 15 films to illustrate the relationship between Spanish cinema and culture; clips highlight themes discussed by Kinder in an aural and text accompaniment. Text, narration and clips are provided in Spanish and English; it is easy to switch between languages at any point. A useful notepad facility is available within the package, which allows the creation of notes linked to a particular screen or clip.

Requirements: Macintosh II or above running System 7.1 or higher with CD-ROM drive or PC running Windows 3.1 or above with CD-ROM drive.

Further information: Carol Tucker (1995).

Distributor: Cine-Discs, c/o Intertexts Multimedia. Cine-Discs, 137 N. Larchmont Blvd., #501 Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA. Tel. and Fax. 001 213 876 7678. Marshakinder@cntv.usc.edu

Price: $75.00 plus $3.50 (p&p).

Version available at CTI Centre: Current Macintosh.

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