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Broadcast News

Description: The Broadcast News database provides access to full text transcripts from ABC News, CNN, PBS and National Public Radio, covering over 80 North American news programs and linked information such as chronologies, bibliographies and essays. Each disc contains over 34,000 indexed and abstracted transcripts, with comprehensive cover from four major networks. Other sections include Current Issue Overviews, covering issues such as AIDS and Homelessness; Key Events; tips on researching each issue and a guide to other relevant resources. There is also a Dual Search Interface, which provides two levels of searching (simple and advanced).

Requirements: IBM compatible PC, 386 or better; 2MB free RAM; 5MB free hard disk space; CD-ROM drive.

Further information: available from the Primary Source Media web site at http://www.thomson.com/psmedia/default.html

Distributor: Primary Source Media Ltd., 50 Milford Road, Reading, United Kingdom, RG1 8LJ. Tel: +44(0)118 9 577213 Fax: +44(0)118 9 394334. Email: sales@psmedia.co.uk

Price: 1992-1995 backfiles: £695 + VAT and p&p per year. 1996 subscription: £995 + VAT and p&p. Networking possible; contact distributor for details.

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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