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Chaucer: Life and Times

Description: The Chaucer Life and Times CD-ROM contains an electronic edition of the Riverside Chaucer including the full glossary. The modern translations of Neville Coghill are also provided and my be displayed in parallel with the original text. Secondary information include plot summaries of all the works, overviews, and critical analyses. There are critical essays by F. R. H. Du Boulay, James I. Wimsatt, Jill Mann and others. Apart from the texts the CD-ROM also includes images of selected manuscripts, maps, paintings and a detailed timeline. Recordings of the selected passages have been made by John Burrow and there is a facility by which users can record their own reading and comments. The search engine allows searches by word, phrase, or line number in all or selected texts.

Requirements: PC running Windows 3.1+ with at least 8MB RAM, sound card (with microphone) and CD-ROM drive.

Further information: Primary Source Media have a Web page at http://www.thomson.com/psmedia/.

Distributor:Primary Source Media, PO Box 45, Reading, RG1 8HF. Tel: 0118 957 7213. Fax: 0118 939 4334. Email: sales@psmedia.co.uk.

Price: £395.00 +VAT (includes single site network licence).

Version available at CTI Centre: Beta Version

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