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Collate 2

Description: Collate 2 has been developed to assist the production of a critical edition of a text with a large number of variant witnesses and editions. The application can collate up to 100 texts and can output results in a number of different formats. including a traditional critical edition or in a format conformant to the Text Encoding Initiative's Guidelines (including the production of a hypertext electronic edition). Alternative formats may also be defined. The process of collation is interactive and the scholar may 'over-rule' the collation produced by Collate at any point. There is a facility to regularize words and phrases, the base text can be easily switched, and the scholar may choose how to treat deletions, additions, and omissions.

The Project edition of Collate includes a number of advanced tools. These include the ability to explore the relationships between witnesses (using statistical tools); conversion to and from TEI/SGML; translation of witness files into HTML/SGML; regularizing spellings and attaching part-of-speech codes together with a dictionary entry; create variant corpora (e.g. to group witnesses). The Project Edition is also fully integrated with a SGML parser (YASP) which may be used, for example, to create TEI-conformant files within Collate or simply to validate SGML files created elsewhere.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh running System 7 or higher and at least 8MB RAM. A PC version of Collate is under development.

Further information: There is a Collate web site at http://dlib.dmu.ac.uk/projects/Collate/. The Wife of Bath's Prologue on CD-ROM relied on Collate for the creation of all the collations and spelling databases included on the disk.

Distributor: Collate may be ordered via the Web at http://dlib.dmu.ac.uk/projects/Collate/order_form.html, or direct from Peter Robinson, Collate Project, International Institute for Electronic Library Research, De Montfort University, Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes MK7 6HP. Tel: 01908 834 922. Fax: 01908 834 929. Email: peterr@azure.blue.dmu.ac.uk.

Price: Scholar edition: single user, £90; multi-user, £180; site license, £270.
Project Edition: single user, £180; multi-user, £360; site license, £540.

Version available at CTI Centre: Demo.

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