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Dramatica Pro 2.0

Description: Dramatica Pro is a story creation and analysis tool. Its central function is the asking of questions relating to character, plot, theme, and genre. The story editor shows the impact of changes made on other sections of the story. Characters can be defined by motivation, methodology, purpose, and means of evaluation. Characters can also be represented by icons. The package includes an online book which discusses the theory of story creation (Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley, Dramatica: A New Theory of Story) and a tutorial on the writing process. On completion of the story structure Dramatica can create a series of reports including a main character analysis report. Dramatica Pro comes with around 36 example stories which can be displayed in Dramatica's Story Engine. Stories include To Kill a Mockingbird, Bull Durham, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, When Harry Met Sally, The Godfather, Casablanca, Reservoir Dogs, and Blade Runner. Further volumes of stories may be purchased for use with Dramatica Pro. Output analyses of various stories are available online including, The Crucible and Othello.

Screenplay Systems also publish Scriptor software for formatting screenplays, television episodes, and stage plays.

Requirements: PC running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher; Apple Macintosh running system 7 or higher.

Further information: Screenplay Systems Incoroporated have a Web site for Dramatica at http://www.dramatica.com/.

Distributor: The Writers Software Company, 7-8 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington, London SW7 3HP. Tel: 0171 584 7705. Fax: 0171 584 7705. Screenplay Systems, Inc., 150 East Olive Avenue, Suite 203, Burbank, CA 91502-1849, USA. Tel: 818 843 6557. Fax: 818 843 8364. Email: Dramatica-webmail@Screenplay.com.

Price: Dramatica Pro: $399.00. Story Analyses (vols 1-3) $19.95. Scriptor: $119.95.

Version available at CTI Centre: None

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