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Ephemeral Films 1931-1961

Description: This CD-ROM presents a collection of materials which use the promotional films of the 'golden age of American industry' to reveal the cultural values and social mores of this period of American history. Included are 'lifestyle' films made by companies such as Oldsmobile, Proctor & Gamble, and Esso, with the first half of the content concentrating on publicity for specific products and the second half looking at suggestions for the use of the new-found 'leisure time' of the period, 'The Magic of Television' and 'Freud would love this one' being two inclusions. Commentaries by Rick Prelinger (media archaeologist) add context and critical approaches to the collection of materials.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh: 3.5MB of free RAM (at least 8 MB installed); CD-ROM drive (double-speed recommended). IBM-compatible PC: 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended); CD-ROM drive and sound card.

Further information: from Voyager's web site at http://www.voyagerco.com/.

Distributor: Educorp Multimedia, 7434 Trade Street, San Diego, CA, 9212-2410. Fax: 619 578 3734. Email: service@educorp.com

Price: $39.95 (single-user licence).

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