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Guide to Digital Resources 1996-98

Film Essay and Resources

Internet Resources for Film, Media
and Performing Arts

This section provides references for a select number of WWW sites related to Film and Media Studies, and Performing Arts. The majority of entries represent key reference sites which provide particularly useful, comprehensive links to secondary sites, though some outstanding primary sites have also been included.

Internet Movie Database

Produced by an independent, international organisation, the Internet Movie Database holds entries for 75,000 movies with over 1,000,000 filmography entries, and is constantly updated.The database is intended to encompass all films produced and being produced, since the earliest cinema. All entries can be searched free of charge via this site.

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Internet Resources for the study of Film and Television

Maintained by the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Glasgow University, this site provides an annotated collection of academically-oriented links. It covers the entire spectrum of cinema, film, movies, television video and multimedia, with sections such as Major Academic Information Sites, Databases, Archives and Episode Guides, and Film Reviews and Discussions.

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Film Finder: World of Film

Part of the Yellow Pages site, this section provides links classified under various sub-sections. The World Cinema and News, Reviews and Archives sections contain some useful pointers to some academically-oriented resource sites. The Cult Classics section may also be of interest.

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Media and Communication Studies site, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

This is a comprehensive, British-based gateway to Web resources, intended to serve the academic study of media and communication. Sections include links categoried under Active Interpretation, Gender, Class & Ethnicity, Media Education, Media Influence in addition to guides to other useful Internet resources, such as discussion groups. Entries are not annotated.

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The Media History Project

The Media History Project provides a forum for the exchange of information between scholars and students of media historians. A relatively new site (launched in summer 1996), it currently provides a collection of pointers to resources classified under sections such as Early Media, Print Media, and Electrical Media, as well as edited articles, features, and selected pointers to new resources. Contributions and suggestions for the development of the site are solicited.

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On-line newspapers

A world-wide compendium of links to on-line newspapers (maintained by Yahoo), with very comprehensive site-lists provided on a regional (country-by-country) basis. Search facilities are also available.

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Theatre Central

Theatre Central provides a 'one-stop shop' for information on Theatre Arts. The five comprehensive sections include a Directory of Internet Theatre Resources, a directory of contact details for Theatre Arts professionals and a monthly magazine, The Journal, which contains features on theatre production, reviews, and reader contributions.

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The Playwriting Seminars

A 176 page Web textbook produced by the playwright Richard Toscan (Portland State University) which discusses a number of primary areas in the art of playwriting (including screenwriting). Covers content, format, structure, and related practical issues.

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