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FRANTEXT: Base de données textuelles du français

Description: FRANTEXT is an online service, run by Institut national de la langue française (INALF), which provides access to more than 3,000 texts of French literature from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. A series of texts have also been made available relating to the Dictionnaire du moyen français. The database is queried using the STELLA (Système de Textes en Ligne et Libre Accès) analysis application. Texts can be queried by words or phrases, author, title, genre, date or by some combination. Word frequency distribution tables and collocations can be generated for selected words and works.

The project has also released a CD-ROM, Discotext 1, which contains 579 texts written or published between 1827 and 1923 by 120 authors. The selection of titles reflects French culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The search engine permits searches by words, phrases, and verbal forms. The software can also generate word indexes.

Requirements: FRANTEXT requires a PC or Macintosh connected to the Internet running a Web browser. Discotext 1 requires a PC running Windows 3.1+ with 8MB RAM and CD-ROM drive.

Further information: INALF have a Web site at http://www.ciril.fr/INALF/.

Distributor: CNRS-Institut national de la langue français, Service FRANTEXT, 27 rue Damesme, F-75013 Paris, France. Tel: 45 803 600. Fax: 45 807 926. Email: martin@ciril.fr. The Internet gateway is available to subscribers at http://www.ciril.fr/~mastina/FRANTEXT.

Price: From FF 2,000 per annum. Discotext 1 costs about FF 6,000. The service is not available to North American users who should consult the ARTFL Project.

Version available at CTI Centre: FRANTEXT online.

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