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Description: Hyperbase is a Hypercard application designed for documentary and statistical research. It is particularly suited for the analysis of text corpora. The application can output a traditional word index by frequency, form, and location; keyword in context concordance. Statistical functions include a study of the distribution of the lexcial forms throughout a text in comparison with another text. The project has produced a CD-ROM which contains the works of Rabelais together with Hyperbase.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh with at least 4MB RAM and optional CD-ROM drive.

Further information: Hyperbase was developed by Etienne Brunet (INaLF, Nice). A web page describes the application at http://lolita.unice.fr/~brunet/hyperbase.html.

Distributor:Contact Etienne Brunet (brunet@unice.fr).

Price: Not known.

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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