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Hypersoft 3.01

Description: Hypersoft offers facilities for filing, copying, indexing, searching, and extracting textual data. The package includes procedures for summarizing, annotating, categorizing, mapping, coding, and quantifying data. The programme is supplied in Basic form, with add-on tools for more specialized funtions.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh running System 7 or higher with 4MB RAM.

Further information: Demo version available from the CAQDAS Project at http://www.soc.surrey.ac.uk/caqdas/.

Distributor: Dr Ian Dey, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Edinburgh, Adam Ferguson Building, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LL, UK. Tel: 0131 650 3923. Fax: 0131 650 3919. Email: ian_dey@ed.ac.uk.

Price: £75.00 +P&P (to be confirmed); US $175.00.

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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