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International Medieval Bibliography on CD-ROM

Description: The International Medieval Bibliography is published by the International Medieval Institute at the University of Leeds and covers the European Middle Ages (c.450-1500). Over this period 220,000 medieval entires have been catalogued and classified, drawn from the regular coverage of over 4,000 periodicals and over 5,000 miscellany volumes (conference proceedings, essay collections etc.). All issues of the IMB will become available on CD-ROM within the next five years; each year, the most recent issues are offered in combination with several older issues. The contents can be searched by either Guided or Free Search; boolean operators and wildcards can be used, and searches on ranges are also possible. The complete user's interface is available in English, French and German.The first release (published September 1995) covers publications from 1984 to 1993; version 2 is due for release in December 1996.

Requirements: PC (at least 486 processor) running Windows 3.1 or higher with CD-ROM drive.

Further information: from Brepols web site at http://www.brepols.com/publishers/pubcdrom.htm

Distributor: Brepols Publishers, Steenweg op Tielen 68, b-2300 Turnhout, Belgium.Tel. 321 440 2500; Fax. 321 440 8919; Email: hderaeve@brepols.com

Price: 36,000 BEF (approx. $1100) for subscribers to the printed IMB; 44,000 BEF (approx. $1350) for non-subscribers. Network licence available.

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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