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Library Master 3.0

Description: Library Master is a bibliographic and textual database manager originally written by a theology scholar for his own use. It has certain features which may be attractive to Arts scholars, such as the ability to handle up to 50 different user-defined record types, with 25 pre-set suggestions (such as manuscript and unpublished collections), any of which can be altered by users to suit their needs. It enables the production of formatted bibliographies in many widely used styles, or a customized style. Databases for research notes and mailing lists can also be designed, and it will automatically format bibliographic footnotes.It is possible to import files created in a number of word-processors, other bibliographic programs and a selection of electronic databases. Multilingual support is offered. All fields are of variable length, up to 65,000 characters long. Library Master allows for rapid searching of the whole database or of specific fields. Reports can be produced in a format compatible with that of many word-processors and database output can be sorted on multiple fields in alphabetical order.

Requirements: PC running MS-DOS 3.3 or higher with 5MB free hard disk space.

Further information: The distributor maintains a web site at http://www.balboa-software.com. See Vanni (1995).

Distributor: Balboa Software, 5845 Yonge St., Box 69539, Willowdale, ON, Canada, M2N 4K3. Tel. 416-730-8980 (or 800-763-8542); Fax. 416-730-9715. Email: hahne@epas.utoronto.ca

Price: $199.95 (educational); $124.95 (student). Trial version with manual: $29.95. Free demo version available via FTP from the distributor's web site at http://www.balboa-software.com.

Version available at CTI Centre: Current.

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