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LIZ: Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli

Description: The LIZ CD-ROM contains around 500 literary texts from the Italian canon dating from the thirteenth century through to the twentieth century (over 21 million words). The search interface allows a selected corpus to be constructed by author, genre, century and other specifications. Searches can be words, part of words, and multiple words using BOOLEAN connectors. Results can be displayed by keyword in context or downloaded to disk. The search interface also allows for the creation of word indices by alphabet, frequency, incipits, and explicits. The application makes use of DBT (Data Base Testuale) search and retrieval software, developed by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Pisa.

Requirements: PC running Windows 3.1+ with at least 8MB RAM and CD-ROM drive.

Further information: Some information about LIZ is available from the LEXIS Web site at http://www.mclink.it/com/lexis/liz.htm. Information about DBT is available at http://www.ilc.pi.cnr.it/dbt/episystem/index.htm.

Distributor: Zanichelli Editore S.p.A., Via Irnerio, 34 40126 Bologna, Italy. Tel: 51 29 31 11. Fax: 51 24 97 82. Email: zanichelli@bo.nettuno.it.

Price: L. 556.800 (to be confirmed)

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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