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Our Secret Century

Description: Our Secret Century is made up of a series of 12 themed CD-ROMs, edited and selected by the 'media archaeologist' Rick Prelinger.The first two volumes contain an anthology of films, film segments, text, still images, and artefacts depicting trends and developments of the 20th century. Volume one, The Rainbow is Yours, contains seven colour films which explore the american culture of consumption, centred on the 1950s; volume two, Realism, examines three industrial films of the '30s which illustrate the attempt to humanize the face of mass production. The CDs are sold in sets of two volumes. Eight volumes (4 sets) are currently available.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh: 3.5MB of free RAM (at least 8 MB installed); CD-ROM drive (double-speed recommended). IBM-compatible PC: 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended); CD-ROM drive and sound card.

Further information: from Voyager's web site at http://www.voyagerco.com/

Distributor: Educorp Multimedia, 7434 Trade Street, San Diego, CA, 9212-2410. Fax: 619 578 3734. Email: service@educorp.com

Price: Each pair of volumes (e.g. vols.1&2): $39.95 (single-user licence).

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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