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Description: Papyrus is a bibliographic package with six flexible record types (an unlimited number are available for the Macintosh version), allowing up to 8,000 characters per field. Any number of extra notecards can be added to each reference; keywords can also be attached to the notecard. The package contains a wide range of pre-defined record formats, with the extra facility to also be able to create custom formats. Papyrus will also scan documents for citations and reformat them accordingly. Manchester University have defined some extra formats specifically for the BIDS database; these come free with the CHEST software and are available (with others) from ftp://ftp.in.umist.ac.uk/pub/papyrus/.

Requirements: PC running MS-DOS 3.1 or higher. An alpha version of Papyrus Version 8.0 for the Macintosh was released in July 1996 and is available from the Papyrus web site.

Further information: See the Papyrus web site at http://www.rsd.com/~rsd/ or email info@rsd.com for general information.

Distributor: Software for Science Ltd., PO Box 28, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 2HP. Tel. 44 (0)1462 488883; Fax. 44 (0)1462 488886. Email: info@adeptscience.co.uk.

Price: $99 plus p&p. A CHEST site license is available for UK HE users. Contact CHEST for price information.

Version available at CTI Centre: Current (PC).

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