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Patrologia Latina Database on CD-ROM

Description: This collection of CD-ROMs contains all 221 volumes of the printed Patrologia Latina published by J.-P.Migne including the notes, glosses and indices. The corpus covers from Tertullian (200 AD) through to the deathof Innocent III (1216). All major and minor Latin authors are included including the works of Hilary, Ambrose, Augustine, Jerome, Boethius, Bede, Odo, Peter Damian, and Bernard. French and Greek passages have been retained together with illustrations. The text is encoded in SGML and the search interface permits searching by the SGML tags. The database can be searched by single words, truncated terms or phrases, or by using a combination of Boolean operators. Searches can be limited to specified authors and texts or performed across the entire corpus. The Patrologia Latina Database is also available as an online database, accessed through the Internet on payment of an annual subscription fee.

Requirements: PC running Windows 3.1+ with at least 8MB RAM. A CD-ROM stack is recommened for searching across the CD-ROMs. The online PLD requires an Internetworked computer with a graphical Web browser.

Further information: Information about and access to the online PLD is available at http://pld.chadwyck.co.uk/.

Distributor: Chadwyck-Healey Ltd, The Quorum, Barnwell Road, Cambridge CB5 8SW. Tel: 01223 215 512. Fax: 01223 215 514. Email: marketing@chadwyck.co.uk. URL: http://www.chadwyck.co.uk/

Price: £27,000 or five annual installments of £5,950 (includes single site network licence). Contact the distributor for subscription fees to the online service.

Version available at CTI Centre: Release Four

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