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Description: QED-Analysis is designed for those who work with qualitative data. Data can be imported as text files or input directly on to 'data cards'. Each data file may be assigned three variables for identification and codes can be entered on each card. Sets of cards can be construted which share the same characteristics and variables or codes can be changed across a particular set of data cards. Data can be exported or printed.

Requirements: PC running MS-Windows 3.1 or higher or Apple Macintosh running System 7 or higher.

Further information: TriMM Multimedia have a WWW site at http://www.trimm.nl/qed/ from where a demo version can be downloaded.

Distributor: MiMiC/TriMM, P.O. Box 1208, 7500 BE, Enschede, The Netherlands. Fax: +31 53 43 53 027. Email: support@qed.mimic.nl.

Price: MS-Windows version: Fl 375.00 +shipping.

Version available at CTI Centre: None.

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