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Description: The ReScreen package provides a shell structure to allow a user to interrogate and manipulate film clips and stills in various ways, with scope to include contextual and critical material and scripts. Clips can be entered by the tutor and then manipulated by the student, using the Editor, which allows the sequence of clips to be rearranged, and the Film Log, which logs shot timings. Up to ten guided tutorials can be devised by the tutor, prompting the user to perform actions such as watching and assessing a film clip or reading a critical work, to provide a distinct route or tutorial through the materials. The package comes with a database of Film Studies articles which can be incorporated into the guided tutorials. There is also an extended version of the package, which includes a Film Grammar: an introductory program which covers the main technical terms of film, such as framing distances and camera movements.

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC; at least 4MB RAM; 2MB free hard disk space.

Further information: Cook, Lloyd-Smith, and Allen, 1993.

Distributor: Centre for Creative and Performing Arts, School of English and American Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, U.K. Tel: 01603- 592783; E-mail: J.Cook@ uea.ac.uk.

Price: £5 + 2 high density floppy disks (core program); 14 disks (core program with Basic Film Grammar package).

Version available at CTI Centre: Beta version.

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