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Description: Symlog is a resource aimed at the teaching of symbolic logic in a classroom or individual study context. It integrates the teaching software with an introductory logic textbook, covering sentential and predicate logic in areas such as Symbolizations, Truth-Tables, Truth-Trees, Natural Deduction Proofs, and Models. The software provides an environment in which students can be assessed, with exercises in logic which can be analysed, stored and printed. The software also contains an 'Expert Sytem', where students can construct and analyse natural deduction proofs.

Requirements: PC running MS-DOS 3.0 or above, or Windows 3.1 or above.

Further information: from Prentice Hall on-line catalogue at http://www.prenhall.com

Distributor: Prentice-Hall, c/o Paramount Publishing International, Marketing Services Department, Campus 400, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7RZ. Tel. 01442 881900. Fax. 01442 882277. Email ibd_orders@prenhall.co.uk

Price: $48.95 (single user licence).

Version available at CTI Centre: Demonstration.

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