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The TheatreGame

Description: The TheatreGame gives a user the chance to simulate directing a play. Options allow the design of the stage and the placing of props and extras. The user is then offered the choice of including 'actors', drawn from the characters of Hamlet, who can be placed on the screen, moved accordingly and their actions recorded and played back. There is the further facility to synchronize the actions of several actors. Extra props and stages can be designed using MacPaint.

Requirements: Apple Macintosh, from SE upwards; at least 4MB RAM.

Further information: See Friedlander, L. (1991).

Distributor: Intellimation Library for the Macintosh, PO Box 1922, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1922, USA. Tel. 805-968-2291.

Price: $45 plus p&p or $179 (site license) plus p&p.

Version available at CTI Centre: Current.

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