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TLG Engine

Description: TLG Engine is designed for reading and exporting texts on the TLG CD-ROMs. The TLG Engine will convert any part of the database into SuperGreek ASCII code, and can also convert the mainframe tape texts. The text can be displayed (fully accented) using the browser, and chosen sections of the texts exported to a wordprocessing package such as Microsoft Word. The software includes the SuperGreek font.

Requirements: Apple Mac system 7.0 or above; TrueType or Type 1 output requires LaserGreek or LaserGreek II font set, available separately. CD-ROM drive required for TLG.

Further information: From the Linguist's Software web page at http://www.linguistsoftware.com/tlg.htm

Distributor:Linguist's Software, P.O. Box 580 Edmonds, WA 98020-0580 USA. Tel: (425) 775-1130 E-mail: fonts@linguistsoftware.com .

Price: US$ 99.95

Version available at CTI Centre:None

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