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WordSmith Tools

Description: WordSmith Tools is a powerful and user-friendly suite of programs for text analysis and manipulation. WordList generates word lists from one or more texts by frequency and by alphabet. Concord displays a concordance for any given word or part of word. Collocates can then be located and word clusters identified. In addition, WordSmith Tools can identify key words in a particular text and create a database of keywords to enable identification of key keywords and associated words. Other tools include a text converter which will perform 'search and replace' functions across a number of files, and a text aligner for aligning sentences in two files. WordSmith Tools does not index the texts on which it works but it can be set to ignore all tags within a text.

Requirements: PC running MS-Windows 3.1/Win95 with at least 4MB RAM.

Further information: Reviewed in Computers & Texts 12 (Berber Sardinha , 1996). The author, Mike Scott, has a web page at http://www.liv.ac.uk/~ms2928/ (from which the very latest version is available).

Distributor: WordSmith Tools is distributed over the web by Oxford University Press at http://www1.oup.co.uk/cite/oup/elt/software/wsmith/

Price: £49.00+VAT to upgrade from the demo version to the full version.

Version available at CTI Centre: Current.

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