Work in Progress

"Did the 2018 Trade War Improve Job Opportunities for US Workers?"
with B. Kett, K. Stapleton and L. O'Kane, 2022

"Can Industrial Policy Buy Ideas? Investment Promotion and Innovation"
with M. Spatareanu, 2021

"Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge in the Global Firm"
with C. Bircan and S. Pauly, 2021

"Unravelling Deep Integration: Local Labour Market Effects of the Brexit Vote"
with B. Kett, K. Stapleton and L. O'Kane, 2019 [slides]

"FDI Promotion and Comparative Advantage"
with T. Harding and D. Maggioni, 2019

"Getting Ready: Preparation for Exporting"
with L. Iacovone, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 8926, 2012
(previously circulated as "Shipping The Good Tequila Out: Investment, Domestic Unit Values and Entry of Multi-Product Plants into Export Markets")