The Rules
As in chess the players move alternately (and have to move). The wolf can move with one of its three red pieces which move like in checkers (only forward, only diagonal, only to adjacent fields). The hare (the blue piece) can move in all diagonal directions (also backwards), but again only to adjacent fields. If a field is occupied you cannot move there. The goal of the hare is to reach the last line (i.e. to by-pass the wolf). The goal of the wolf is to confine his opponent so that the hare cannot move anymore. Have fun.
The game is realized as a JavaScript. I copied the graphics from the checkers game on To make its decision on a move the script uses the evaluation (who wins in how many moves) of all possible position (around 140000) of the game which were computed in C++ (with this c++ file) and copied into the JavaScript.
The original version of the game is played on an 8x8 chess board with four wolfs against one hare, but in that configuration the hare is always loosing when its opponent plays optimal. A slight "simplification" of the rules makes thinks much more interesting: if you play it with only 3 wolfs on a board of width 6 and length 9 (instead of 8x8) it turns out that the player who starts the game can only win if the opponent makes a mistake, so you are better polite and let the other player start the game here.
Martin Weidner, 2007