Dr Clara Barker [She/Her]

I manage the Centre for Applied Superconductivity, in the materials department at Oxford University. Prior to this I completed a PhD and various post-docs as a thin-film material scientist. I am most interested in the production of thin films, relating plasma properties to film growth using magnetron sputtering (specifically HiPIMS). My main areas of research have been transparent conductive oxides, hardness coatings and, currently, high temperature superconductors.

I am the vice chair of the LGBT+ advisory group at Oxford University and in 2018 I won the first diversity role model award from the University. I run a youth group for LGBTI+ people, with a support group for their parents. I give many talks in schools and within the University sharing my story or explaining "LGBTI+ 101's". I share my story as a trans scientist who, for so long, believed that coming out as transgender would be career ending.

I vocally campaign for trans rights, reminding people that the fight for LGBTI+ equality is not yet won. I write and talk at various events and can be found on Twitter, YouTube and my blog site. I also love to highlight LGBTI+ hidden histories in museums. For my volunteer work I won a Points of Light Award from the UK Prime Minister in 2017 and in 2018 was invited to a reception to celebrate London Pride at 10 Downing Street with the PM.