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Author or coauthor of more than 100 papers in international refereed journals, including the following since 2001:

(2007) The role of the railways in the future of air transport, Journal of Transportation, Planning and Technology (accepted November 2005), with Moshe Givoni.

(2007) Energy and transport in comparison Immaterialisation, dematerialisation and decarbonisation in the EU15 between 1970 and 2000, Energy Policy (accepted November 2005), with Petri Tapio, Jyrki Luukkanen and Risto Willamo. Click here to download.

(2007) Urban spatial change and excess commuting, Environment and Planning A (accepted May 2005), with Kang-Rae Ma.

(2006) Excess commuting: A critical review, Transport Reviews 26(6), 749-767, with Kang-Rae Ma.

(2006) How to design a more sustainable and fairer built environment: transport and communications, IEEE Proceedings of the Intelligent Transport System 153(4), with Robin Hickman.

(2006) Airline and railway integration, Transport Policy 13(4), 386-397, with Moshe Givoni.

(2006) The extended excess commuting technique as a job housing balance measure, Urban Studies 43(11), 2009-2113, with Kang-Rae Ma.

(2004) Impact of information and communications technology on transport, Transport Reviews 24(5), pp 611-632, with Dominic Stead. Click here to download.

(2004) Implementing the Possible?, Planning Theory and Practice – Interface 5(4), pp 499-501 – a commentary on the interface paper by Ken Livingstone.

(2004) Quality of life for the elderly – The transport dimension, Transport Policy 11(2), pp 105-115, with Ann Bowling. Click here to download.

(2003) Critical pragmatism and congestion charging in London, International Social Science Journal 176, pp249-264.

(2003) Reducing transport intensity, European Journal of Transport Infrastructure Research 2(2/3), pp161-178, with Dominic Stead.

(2003) Let’s ask them: A national survey of definitions of quality of life and its enhancement among people aged 65 and over, The International Journal of Aging and Human Development 56(4), pp269-306, with Ann Bowling, Stephen Sutton and Zahava Gabriel.

(2003) Transport policy scenario building, Transportation Planning and Technology 26(6), pp513-536, with Dominic Stead.

(2002) A multidimensional model of the quality of life in older age, Ageing and Mental Health 6(4), pp 355-371, with Ann Bowling, Stephen Sutton, Olga Evans and J Windsor.

(2001) Influencing mobility outside transport policy, Innovation 14(4), pp 315-330, with Dominic Stead.

(2001) Transport investment and the promotion of economic growth, Journal of Transport Geography 9(3), pp 209-218, with Yossi Berechman.

(2001) Transport and environmental research in the UK, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 1(3), pp232-236.

(2001) Mobility and spatial dynamics: An uneasy relationship, Journal of Transport Geography 9(3), pp 167-171, with Hugo Priemus and Peter Nijkamp.