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Author and editor of 18 research books, including:

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(2007) Land Use and Transport Planning European Perspectives on Integrated Policies, London: Elsevier, edited with Stephen Marshall;


(2005) Unsustainable Transport: City Transport in the 21st Century, London: Routledge;

(2002) Transport Planning revised and enlarged edition London: Routledge;
(2000) European Transport Policy and Sustainable Mobility, London: Spon, with Dominic Stead, Peter Steen, Jonas Akerman, Karl Dreborg, Peter Nijkamp and Ruggero Schleicher Tappeser;
(2000) Encouraging Transport Alternatives: Good Practice in Reducing Travel, London: The Stationery Office, with Stephen Marshall;
Transport Investment and Economic Development

(2000) Transport Investment and Economic Development, London: UCL Press, with Yossi Berechman;

(1999) Environment, Land Use and Urban Policy, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, with Ken Button and Peter Nijkamp;
(1998) Transport Policy and the Environment, London: Spon, edited;
(1996) Telematics and Transport Behaviour, Berlin: Springer, with Peter Nijkamp and Gerard pepping;
(1995) Transport and Urban Development, London: Spon, edited;
(1995) European Transport and Communications Networks: Policy Evolution and Change, London: Wiley, edited with Roberta Capello and Peter Nijkamp.