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Published a further 100 papers in journals or as chapters in books those published since 2001 are listed here.

(2007) Decoupling transport growth and economic growth in Europe, In Rietveld, P, Jourquin, B and Westin, K (eds) Towards Better Performing European Transportation Systems, with Dominic Stead.

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(2006) Transport, urban form and economic growth, Keynote paper for the JTRC/ECMT Round Table 137, Berkeley, California, March.

(2006) Smart transport for smart cities, Urban Design 100, Invited contribution to the 100th Issue of the Journal Urban Design.

(2006) Making sustainable transport politically and publicly acceptable, In Rietveld, P and Stough, R (eds) Institutions and Regulatory Reform in Transport, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, with John Pucher and Martin Lee-Gosselin.

(2006) Urban sprawl and mobility - A UK perspective, Italian Journal of Regional Science

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