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Other outputs include research monographs (35) and reports for researcher sponsors (over 100).

(2005) Sustainable Rural Communities, Thought paper for Commission for Rural Communities, November.

(2005) VIBAT - Visioning and Backcasting of UK Transport Policy, Three Reports for DfT, with Robin Hickman, January, June and September. Click here.

(2005) Scope for public transport improvements to contribute to increases in economic activity, Report for the National Assembly of Wales, with TTR, June.

(2005) How to design a more sustainable and fairer built environment: Transport and communications, Report for the DTI Future Intelligent Infrastructure System Project, with Robin Hickman, June. Click here to download.

(2005) An investigation into the link between transport infrastructure investment and sustainable rural communities, Report for Defra, with TTR, June.

(2005) The role of transport in supporting sub-national growth, Report for DfID, with Lloyd Wright, May.

(2004) Property Value and Public Transport Investment, Stage 2 Pilot Study Report: Testing the Methodology on the Croydon Tramlink, January, with ATIS REAL Wetheralls, the Symonds Group and Geofutures, p124. Click here to download.

(2004) Developing a Methodology to Capture Land Value Uplift around Transport Facilities, Report for the Scottish Executive, with GVA Grimleys, David Simmonds Consultancy, Hargest and Wallace Planning Ltd, October, p168.

(2003) Transport and City Competitiveness, Report for the DfT, March, with Llewelyn Davies. Click here.

(2003) Impacts of ICTs on Transport and Mobility (ICTRANS), Report for the European Commission DG Joint Research Centre, with ARC Seibersdorf Research Vienna, FOI Stockholm, ISI-FhG Germany, MERIT The Netherlands, and TNO-STB The Netherlands, Technical Report EUR, June.

(2003) JLE Impact Study Review, Report for TFL, July, with Stephen Marshall, ATIS REAL Weatheralls and Geofutures.

(2003) Review of Edinburgh Transport/Economic Interaction Studies, Report for Transport Initiatives Edinburgh, with Roger Vickerman and Peter Mackie, July.

(2003) Rural Transport Partnerships Assessment, for the Countryside Agency, with TTR, November.

(2002) Business and the Local Transport Plan Process, Report for the RICS, Published November 2002.

(2002) Land Value and Public Transport, Stage 1 Report submitted to RICS and ODPM, September. Click here.

(2001) Introducing long term cross cutting issues into national policy: The case of sustainable development in the UK, Bartlett School of Planning, Working Paper 19, January, with Dominic Stead.

(2001) Avoiding the need to travel, Working Paper for the Sustainable Transport for Sustainable Cities Project, Sydney, April, p6.

(2001) Pricing and funding - Some pragmatic thoughts, Working Paper for the Sustainable Transport for Sustainable Cities Project, Sydney, April, p9.

(2001) Achieving accessibility, Working Paper for the Sustainable Transport for Sustainable Cities Project, Sydney, April, p24.